A unique and original jewel designed for everyday wear with endless possibilities.

Combining one of our tipical products such as bottlecaps. In this first collection JOIPLAC you will be able to choose between pendants in three metals: silver, silver plated and gold 18kt, also an elegant keychain completely made on silver. The perfect accessory for any occasion.

From a dream, an idea, in te capital of “CAVA”, Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, made by a jeweler called Jordi Lecegui.

A 24 years of experience guarantee him since he founded his own jewelry: Lecegui Joiers.
Over the years he could observe and offer to the customers all kind of exclusive pieces, original and innovative in the jewelry field.

As he says with his own words: “I live in the capital of Cava, it is my home, and I’ve always wanted to make and present “la joia del cava”, the only and exclusive, the one which represents and identify us.

we have exeptional cavas and original and elegant bottlecaps designs, why not to combine them in a pendant or a keychain?

after many months of hard work we can show you the only exclusive and copyrighted jewel known as “Joia del Cava”.